A Sony Pictures Classics Release112 minutesrated PG-133.5 stars It is difficult to resist the temptation of comparing a cinematic redux to it’s original version, especially in the case of Bart Freundlich’s After the Wedding. I’ve found that at the end of the day, watching an original productio

Reviewed by Peter Fox Directed by AZAZEL JACOBS Written by PATRICK DEWITT Starring MICHELLE PFEIFFER as Frances Price LUCAS HEDGES as Malcolm Price VALERIE MAHAFFEY as Mme Reynard IMOGEN POOTS as Susan A Sony Pictures Classics Release, Rated R, 113 minutes. **** French Exit is a masterfully executed



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COVER STORY: NANCY McTAGUE-STOCK — WineaPAWlooza, Napa & Sonoma, Palm Springs, Hines & FATVillage, Historic New England, AMSE NYC, Rooms with a View, Parametric Design, Norie Sato & Madi Chanyshev, guardDog.ai & Ben Heim, Jon Linton, Stephanie Dillon, Solage Auberge Resort, The Bridge, Biohacking Spas, and more…