Creating a new FATVillage in the Real World and in the Metaverse

Doug McCraw

While under construction for the next three years, FATVillage has partnered with Hines and Urban Street Development in cultivating more than 900,000 square feet of brand-new and exciting space at the current location on NW 1st Avenue.

A community staple in Fort Lauderdale, FATVillage is further expanding our brand identity with the integration of emerging and renowned artists that engage the web3 experience in a virtual world that resembles the village’s loved warehouses in the Metaverse. As a new creator economy, these opportunities are a natural evolution for enterprising experiential markets that are accessible to everyone by means of a web server.

This natural progression aligns with our current market direction and community engagement that continues to bring innovative and real experiences to life both in the now and beyond. Partners and curators Leah Brown and Peter Symons of ART + LIGHT + SPACE will oversee new project developments.

Leah mentions, “In the FATVillage Metaverse, we are connecting artist-created spaces to form an art district of the future. Even the act of exploring these spaces will be an adventure.”

After a successful inaugural art walk in September, we plan to host monthly art walks and artist talks. The FATVillage Metaverse will comprise of interactive galleries, events, and traditional programming that will be uniquely experienced. You’ll be able to come and hear a panel of artist discussions and purchase art or NFTS from local and emerging artists.

“As an artist who works primarily in sculpture and installation, the presence of a work of art that can exist in a shared occupancy is in my belief the best way to experience art. The exploration of the Metaverse becomes the destination to remotely experience art in a distinctive way. In addition to its powerful capacity to represent an experience, virtual and augmented reality allow for the creation of art untethered to real life actuality. In a sense, the METAVERSE lets the viewer step into the mind and imagination of the artist”, says Symons.”

“I think it’s important for our audience to understand that what we are creating is accessible to all, not just people who are particularly technologically literate or have special equipment. You don’t need a headset to attend any of our events or visit us in the MetaVerse, although if you do have one, it will make the experience more immersive and experiential”, comments Leah.

We look forward to you joining us in this new direction which will continue to bring these original real-life experiences to the masses that FATVillage will provide for the future. ☐

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