Disruptive Frequencies of Time

Lara Carter presents Surrealistic Sequences

Photography By Yanni De Melo   |   Designs By Anouk Wipprecht  

“Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.”

— Salvador Dalí

Changes in our lifestyle and behavioral patterns reinforce our next stage of evolution as a species. What will become of us if we forever enslave ourselves to the mechanization of this modern age? Will an industry of “improved convenience” destruct mankind or will technological advancements help to further a more humane and justified world?

 “My fascination of non-materiality like smoke and ink are the uncatchable amorphous behaviors of dream worlds that are hard to explain, let alone visualize. Surrealism is often about giving new thoughts a form that ensues out of dream worlds subconsciousness.”

— Anouk Wipprecht, Fashion Tech Designer

“Despite the advances to further compartmentalize and order our world, there is still a savage, uncontrollable humanity lurking under the surface that will never be understood or tamed,” expresses John William Barger, Brand Ambassador of Salvador Dali Museum.

Neuroscience aims to understand how the brain works and what’s fascinating about this is there are so many uncharted regions. “Brain Interface technology allows us to explore the unconsciousness of the brain in real-time, and the impacts of these results are dramatic. The brain decodes information in particular places –faces, color, and shapes, and art is activating them,” chimes Neuroscientist Christoph Guger, CEO of g.tec.

 “We see with the eyes, but we see with the brain as well. And seeing with the brain is often called imagination.”

— Oliver Wolf Sacks, Historian of Science

“Anouk Wipprecht’s PANGOLIN SCALES BCI+Dress especially reminded me of this quotation, ‘The life of the future would be half-human, half-machine’ – bringing Dalí’s 1930s vision of cyborg fashion to life.”

— Elliott H. King, Ph.D. Art Historian & Salvador Dalí Scholar

“By constructing time as we understand (24/7/365), we are only reinforcing the limits of the human mind and ignoring a parallel subconscious state of reality.” shares Barger.

‘Many have devised their interpretations of: The Persistence of Memory that the clocks might signify that ‘time is relative’ (sometimes it flies by quickly and other times it crawls at a snail’s pace); that the world has become overly obsessed by Time; or it could be a reference to the fourth dimension of Time.’ enunciates Dr. King.

For what is to become of time? — An illusory dream or fleeting existence. C.I.T.E. your reality…

— Kami Sloan

MGMT: carolinegleason.com

MODEL: Lara Carter 

MUAH: eastcoastmakeup.com

STYLIST: Kami Sloan


LOCATION: gstarstudios.com








ACCESSORIES:  Wired Metal Face Headgear VVB Design Studio

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