Roham Shamekh

Unveils the "Terminator" Collection

Roham Shamekh, a leading figure among the current generation of innovative and progressive designers from the UAE, presented the “Terminator” capsule collection at Tuleste Factory during Frieze NY and NYC x Design, and on exhibition though, June 1, 2024.

This heritage collection reinterpreted, characterized by its visually striking, silver-toned candelabras, addresses the pressing issue of climate change through its innovative design and narrative. The pieces, resembling monumental flower candleholders with a jewel-like texture, embody Shamekh’s distinctive approach to challenging conventional design boundaries.

Central to the collection is the OVO Man chair. The metal structure reflects the interwoven elements of men and women in society at large and all its intricacies of new identities and cross-identities. The chair depicts the historical tug-of-war between opposites in civilizations, such as order and chaos, tradition and innovation, and the constant pursuit of balance amidst the conflicts.

Positioned at the intersection of historical grandeur and modern environmental advocacy, the collection engages in a vital conversation about conservation and sustainability. It questions the legacy we leave for future generations, particularly Gen Z, in the context of our current ecological challenges. Shamekh’s work is a call to action, asking whether we are contributing to our own demise through inaction on climate change.

By employing masterful craftsmanship and forward-thinking design, Shamekh bridges the gap between the rich heritage of the past and the urgent need for sustainability in the future. The “Terminator” collection, with its apocalyptic yet beautiful aesthetic, serves as a powerful commentary on the potential for design to influence environmental consciousness and action.

Created and curated by Satu and Celeste Greenberg, Tuleste Factory is a quintessential New York multidisciplinary art and design destination featuring a rotating roster of some of the most avant-garde designers and artists of their time, showcasing furniture, design objects, photography, and fine art, with a focus on experiential design.

About Roham Shamekh


Roham Shamekh is widely recognized for his innovative contributions to experiential design, leading a studio that has garnered significant attention since its founding in 2016. Based in Dubai and boasting a following of over 30,000 in the Middle East, Roham Shamekh studio distinguishes itself through a distinctive approach that merges experiential and transgressive design with a commitment to societal impact, often materialized through notable capsule collections.

Shamekh’s work spans a diverse range of mediums, including tattoo paintings and floral motifs, applied across functional art and spatial design. He is acclaimed for his avant-garde creations that not only challenge existing conventions but also engage Gen Z and foster a progressive dialogue on a global scale. His practice is characterized by a seamless integration of contemporary art, design, and architecture, pushing the boundaries to explore new possibilities and redefine established norms.

Exhibiton through June 2024

Tuleste Factory
191 7th Avenue, 2R 

New York, NY 10011

For more information about Roham Shamekh and the “Terminator” collection please visit:



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