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Unlock the Equity of Your Luxury Assets at Shutter Speed

Photography by Juan Carlos Ariano  Presenting models Dunja & Nataniele

One of the best advantages to owning artwork is how strong returns have been across periods of time compared to other traditional assets.
– Mary Ann Cohen - Owner, Mac Art Galleries

The rare beauty of high art contributes to its tangible intrinsic value. As alternative asset classes generally hold or appreciate in value, it should come as no surprise that using them as loan collateral is an effective financing strategy.

Traditional sources of capital can often be too slow, invasive, or burdensome to address a situation or meet an opportunity.

Luxury assets can yield impressive returns. Yet, unlocking their equity through private sale or auction takes significant time and effort and may have unexpected tax implications. Borro makes it easy to capitalize on the true value of luxury assets without the wait, and, more importantly, without the need to sell.

The leader in confidential, non-bank loans that use borrowers’ luxury assets as collateral.



Model Dunja M.//@ Select Model Miami
Model Nataniele R.//@ Next Models Miami

MUAH: Natalia Fernandez
Photo Assistant: Edward Perdomo
Production Assistant: Chelsea Wichmann
Creative Direction: Kami Sloan
Graphic Design: Daniel Enrique De Leon

Location: MAC FINE ART Delray Beach
Special Thanks to Owner: Mary Ann Cohen

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