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Chrystabell x Vital Neuro Explores the Spectrum of Frequency

Music is the universal language” that crosses cultural and societal boundaries. The frequencies and vibrations it gives off not only unify us as a people but celebrate our humanity – our life – our core existence. Did you know that sound can be an elixir of life when your brain is guided and bathed in therapeutic sonic waves? The communicative response sound has on our psyche and physiology plays an integral role in impacting our well-being. Vital Neuro ™ is a neurotech platform that integrates music, sound, and real-time brain monitoring to alleviate stress and anxiety.

“Our psychophysiological and emotional life depends on the efficiency and relevance of our brain operating system to the time and era we live in. Currently, our operating system and unconscious physiological responses are out of tune with our socio-psychological life and actual reality”, shares Dr. Kamran Fallahpour, Ph.D. Founder & Chief Science Officer at Vital Neuro.

Kamran Fallahpour, Ph.D. Founder & Chief Science
Officer at Vital Neuro

Venü converses with singer and actress Chrystabell and Dr. Kamran Fallahpour, Ph.D., about their collaboration and the healing power of music.

VENÜ: How did you meet, and how did the collaboration initiate?

CB:The story essentially is indicative of how my favorite connections are made – which is where you tap into a situation, and you feel like there’s an alignment that is happening without trying or forcing. This is often when magic can happen. It was the case with this collaboration. I was making a music video for “Suicide Moonbeams”, one of my favorite songs on Midnight Star, with Melana Abramov, a director who has been very significant in my life, as a guide and a giver of insight. We collaborated on expansive projects that contributed to my spiritual evolution. Our reciprocation process was that I would star in a short film that she was directing, and she would direct my music video. Through the course of bringing the team together to create the video, Melana met FashionTech designer Anouk Wipprecht, and all the pieces after that came into alignment for the video and the experience– Kamran was one of those pieces. If I were the type of artist who made jingles brands and products, I don’t think I could have written a more appropriate song for his product. My song lyrically mentions “tuning in” to frequencies that can change the paradigm of your reality. You can focus here, or you can look over there. Kamran created a tool you can use for the process. Bring it on! I thought it was remarkable – a lovely alignment. When you get things that start to feel like “The Cosmic Yes”, you go with it.

KF: I certainly agree with you on multiple levels, there was a strong synchronicity between everything that was happening. Anouk expressed that a collaboration with Chrystabell would be the right match for how I foresaw Vital Neuro’s™ direction. I was looking for a brilliant artist to engage with musically, to co-produce music that would have a scientific impact based on neuroscientific principles. When I initially spoke to Chrystabell over the phone, I thoroughly enjoyed her style of music. At this point, I wasn’t privy to the song. When I met her on the set at the video production, I realized the deeply profound layers of what she was singing about. She sung about the process we use with the brain-computer interface to change people’s frequencies, helping to shift from one locked brain mind-space to another, which is a more expansive, more inclusive, better place to be. We are at a place in our society and the planet where our focus is fixated on the wrong variables.

Vital Neuro’s™ mission is to provide the tools to shift conscious planes away from places of anxieties, stress, and obsessive values. Our planet needs it! We believe we can make an impact of change.

My scientific background in neuroscience and clinical psychological research led me to develop Vital Neuro™ in delivering a platform and a lifestyle product that guides our brain plasticity direction towards a better state of mind. Human beings have an unconscious operating system, an autonomic nervous system that’s always on autopilot. If we spend too much time in fight or flight state, then we lose a sense of what humanity is all about.  We believe that neurotechnology in that regard has the potential to help make a giant leap forward in human consciousness.

VENÜ: What has music given to you on a deeper level? 

CB: Music, in general, has been my medicine when I needed a friend and a complete support system for my emotional welfare. As an artist, I want to be someone who can offer comfort to others knowing the depths music has given to me in certain moments in my life. My life purpose is significant; it’s a life dedication that is deeply rewarding. All the sacrifices that you could perceive are made. As  artists, we want to reach out to so many people and being supported is a bit of a bridge to cross. Sometimes you feel like you’re not making the right choice as a lifelong artist, musician, creator performer, and you’re waiting to get on the other side during the midst of that journey. Music is my mantra, and other meditations + TM. I’m deeply and soulfully aligned in what I feel my soul purpose is. Everything else is inconsequential. I’m exactly where I should be – I’m right on time, and I hope people get this.

VENÜ: Can you share how you collaborate with David Lynch? 

CB: David is an example of another microcosm-another massive cosmic yes in my life.

I was blessed to meet someone at Creative Artists Agency who not only saw me as an artist and supported my vision but was one of the only people on the planet that David trusts to carefully select people for possible collaborations. I would say that when meeting David it was “love at first chord”. We’ve nurtured a musical partnership spanning more than two decades. As humans, we enjoy sharing time and space. His influence has been nothing less than profound in my life as a person and an artist. In Twin Peaks, season 3, our characters essentially mirror the personal dynamic we share, and now it’s immortalized in this phenomenal piece of art that continues to reconnect us on this plane.

VENÜ: Please explain what the new album MIDNIGHT STAR means to you. What’s the message? 

CB: My whole endeavor was to lift and orally massage out of a dip or valley. I felt a bit enlivened and inspired. In past projects, my musical references have been on the darker side of things as with red wine, hot baths, and dark dreamscapes.. 

KF: Which has its own beauty, by the way.

CB: All of that brought me to where I am now. I’m still drawn to that time and place, but the space, time, and dimension that we’re moving into is more electric – more ephemeral, ethereal in nature. Things don’t have to be so heavy. We can get the upgrades faster- be more open to information and surrender without asking so many questions. This album, for me, is about offering “diamond raindrops,” sparkle – a tiny opening with possibilities of seeing each other in this way. There’s no need to get fixated with other directions- shake it up, clear the debris. There’s a mystical side, a hero’s journey. MIDNIGHT STAR takes you on an adventure that is enthusiastic about the peaks and valleys; there’s a sparkling Merkabah on this trip, and I was like – ok, let’s go!

VENÜ: How did you feel when you put on the headsets for the first time? How did it move you?

KF: The music currently being played through the headphones is music that we’ve composed and produced based upon neuroscientific principles. The music we hope to collaborate with Chrystabell also includes SM, (Suicide Moonbeams). Its an iconic song that matches our vision well and is an excellent example of positivity in its messaging. It’s challenging to compose and produce upbeat music that doesn’t sound trivial and shallow. Chrystabell has achieved this in her work by giving meaning, drive, positivity, and a profound message. This is very difficult to achieve.

CB: The idea that Vital Neuro incorporates this scientific understanding and awareness in raising frequency is fascinating and ultra, ultra, cool.

KF: We look at Vital Neuro ™ as a music and meditational brand that couples a fashion-savvy lifestyle with a cognitive approach. “Our brain can rewire and optimize when given precise real-time information about its functions using sensor technology and brain-computer interface.”

Vital science produces a deep relaxed state, reduces stress, improves sleep, enhances focus, increases energy, and simply makes you feel happier.  Get the shift you need with Vital Neuro.™ ☐

www.chrystabell.com  |  www.vitalneuro.com

Directed & Edited by: Melana Abramov  

Photographer: Yanni De Melo

Fashion Tech: Anouk Wipprecht

Make-Up: Maggie Strunk

Hair: Crystal Pratt

Studio: Robot Studios

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