Rock Palais, Mick Rock

Rewind the cassette back to November 2019, when Missy Papageorge and Suhayb Zarroug hosted an event at her Soho loft in NYC for photographer Robert Whitman. Oversized Polaroids decorated the walls and beautiful people from all walks of life fit in with the eccentric oddities that fill the space.

Missy had been gaining a reputation for using her loft as what some would call an artist-salon (think Gertrude Stein). She dubbed it ‘Palais Rock’ and whenever an event was taking place word traveled quickly through her circle of friends. Friends would bring other friends; new networks would form and bohemian camaraderie would ensue. On this particular night, her friend Geoff Horn brought a very special guest whom he knew would do more than fit right in.

The elevator door opened and out walked the legendary photographer, Mick Rock. Mick and Missy instantly bonded. For the rest of the night, the two chatted in a quiet spot while sitting on two oversized thrones and the rest is palais rock history.

As 2020 rolled in, so did dozens of bubble-wrapped images.

“We all sat together and opened each one. I was in disbelief. I knew I was cool but I did not think I was this fucking cool.” said Missy. “It was surreal because not only were we opening these incredible photographs — these moments that Mick was able to capture and immortalize — Mick narrated the entire time. My mind was blown.”

Mick first picked up a camera, he says, “Only so many pics were taken back then, no phones to document, no modern chit chat. Even less of the people are no longer with us…..these icons.”

“We had plans to do really outrageous stuff. We did not plan for covid but in all fairness, we especially did not plan for Mick to shoot Miley Cyrus’s new album cover, ‘Plastic Hearts’ either,” Papageorge said.

We all sat together and opened each one. I was in disbelief. I knew I was cool but I did not think I was this f’ing cool.

On the day of the shoot, Mick and Miley chatted while she wandered through the loft. Miley lounged in a smoking chair, she licked the loft’s pet Disco Lion and found her way to those same thrones where Mick and Missy had their first chat session.

As he sipped his latte Mick noted, “I knew that Miley was the real thing and that’s before I shot her. She reminds me of Bowie. A girl boy, but it goes somewhere beyond all of that. Ya know when you upset people just by being.”

As a matter of course, the planning has not stopped.

“I had always told Mick his work would be a perfect fit for Westport,” said Papageorge, who also resides in Connecticut. It’s always been a chic little artist’s mecca. It’s perfect timing for a celebration of Mick. We are packing up the palais and bringing all the rocks. We look forward to sharing Mick with Fairfield County this summer.”

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