Sarasota Art Ovation

Spring 2024 Art Exhibition

As the seasons change in Sarasota, the Art Ovation hotel is proud to debut its new seasonal art exhibition. This luxury hotel, part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection is a top place to stay in the Downtown Arts District, and is considered “Sarasota’s living room” an integral part of the arts community and favored destination for locals and visitors to meet for drinks, a bite at Tzeva Restaurant or the rooftop, and to view the latest art exhibition, or meet the exciting lineup of local and visiting artists in residence. We are delighted to be a media partner and showcase this unique venue where art and hospitality meet.

The Spring exhibition will run through the summer months and the exhibitions will be located throughout the hotel:

Adrienne Watts

“Weaving Dreams”

Lobby Gallery

Adrienne Watts is an emerging visual artist who began her artistic journey in Wilmington, NC, where she was an active member of the Wilmington Art Association and Art League of Leland. During this time, her works found representation in esteemed galleries such as New Elements Gallery, Sunset River Marketplace, and Water+Color Gallery. In 2022, she relocated to Sarasota, FL, where she continues to pursue her passion. Prior to her artistic pursuits, Watts had a successful career in finance. Throughout her professional endeavors, she maintained her dedication to art. In 2018, Watts became a full-time artist, transitioning to acrylic painting and shifting her focus to larger non-objective abstract paintings. Though being primarily self-taught, she honed her skills and techniques through workshops and classes, as well as influential mentors. Her work has been showcased in numerous solo and group exhibitions since her relocation to Sarasota, including notable venues such as the Art Center of Sarasota, ArtCenter Manatee, Art Ovation Hotel, Five Deuces Gallery (St. Petersburg), and Define Art Gallery. Notable exhibitions include her participation in the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society, Women Contemporary Artists, Creative Liberties at Art Ovation Hotel and Fogartyville, which she curated herself. Currently, she is immersed in a captivating project—a series of large-scale paintings that blend modern abstract expressionism with traditional weaving techniques.

“Weaving Dreams” invites viewers into a realm where woven canvases narrate tales of connection, exploration, and unexpected beauty. Each painting in this series originates from two canvases, initially marked with paint, graphite, and charcoal to lay the groundwork for composition. Through a transformative process involving paint and other materials, these canvases morph into contrasting yet harmonious artworks.

Central to the process is tearing the canvas into strips and interweaving them to form a single piece. This technique creates a captivating checkerboard effect, reflecting life’s interwoven complexities. What distinguishes these paintings is their ability to arouse curiosity and provoke contemplation. Vibrant colors and dynamic compositions lure viewers, prompting them to ponder the mysterious process behind each piece. “Weaving Dreams” celebrates creativity, intuition, and the joy of discovery, urging viewers to embrace curiosity and imagination. It emphasizes gratitude for life’s fleeting moments and the interconnectedness of existence. Amidst chaos, this series reminds us of the enduring power of creativity, curiosity, and human connection, offering solace and inspiration in uncertain times.


SARTQ Artist Collective

“Light & Dark”

Crescendo Gallery

The SARTQ Artist Collective, which is proud to present Light and Dark, an exhibition of this local group’s work that explores the deeper meaning of duality. The interpretation from each artist creates a dialogue that explores the relationship between these two extremes.

This collection offers a comprehensive view of life, ranging from its brightest vibrance to its darkest moments. Our world can be both beautiful and terrifying, at times a source of inspiration and other times a source of fear. Light and Dark is an exhibition that will challenge viewers to think about the subconscious mind in new and unexpected ways.

The SARTQ Artist Collective includes: Danielle Dygert, Diana de Avila, Lori Childers, Grace Howl, Julie Kanapaux, Ellen Kantro, Pamela Olin, Taylor Robenalt, Dana Laag, Javier Rodriguez, Emmie Wells, Zach Gilliand.


Rhona LK Schonwald

“Experiential Color”

Elevator lobby gallery levels 6, 7, 8

Award-winning international artist Rhona LK Schonwald creates intuitive, passionate paintings that throb with dramatic sensuality. Each canvas portrays a mysterious journey of colors that resonate with their own lyricism and act as a metaphor for human relationships. Every sweeping brush stroke calls out to the innermost soul of the viewer. Colors vibrate with emotion depending on personal interpretation…passionate, joyful, serene.

For Schonwald, the epiphany of the magical interplay of the flow of colors came during her first art class at age 8. It was a moment that sparked her soul. About the same time, Rhona learned of an outreach program at Johns Hopkins Hospital, which helped terminally ill children. It moved her so much that she sent a sketch and a letter to be given to one of the children. The thank-you note she received back was from a boy about her age, filled with such appreciation that it made a profound impact. Decades later, she still has that thank-you note. These two pivotal moments occurring so closely together, at such a young age were to become the guiding lights of her life. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Schonwald graduated with a major in Art Education from the University of Maryland and loved teaching art at the elementary school level. She now lives and works in South Florida.

Schonwald has been privy to many stories of healing and coincidences related to her art through the years, thus bringing together the magic of color and creation, and the gift of genuine selfless concern for the well-being of others. Schonwald’s paintings have encouraged positivity, recovery, inspired marriage proposals, and even led to finding love in her own life! Schonwald’s paintings are in several permanent collections, she is a founding member of two galleries in Maryland, as well as a member of Women in the Visual Arts and National Association of Women Artists, and was past president of the Bethesda chapter of National League of American Pen Women. Galleries and museums throughout the country have exhibited her work and she has been juried into many group and solo shows.


Garry Scott Wheeler

“It’s Whimsical World”

Elevator lobby gallery levels 3, 4, 5

Garry Scott Wheeler is a multi-award-winning international abstract acrylic artist, published author, and entrepreneur from Southwest Florida. Wheeler has painted for most of his life, but during the pandemic, he focused on it intensely and launched his art business late in 2020. Since then, he has participated in over 50 exhibits, joined multiple galleries, established an online store, won many national and international awards, was featured in House & Garden Magazine and has sold original paintings all across the US and in Europe.

Full of whimsy, figurative shapes, and energy, viewing Wheeler’s artwork is comparable to looking up at the clouds and trying to interpret the shapes. Wheeler notes that his inspiration comes from several areas such as music, travels, and outer space. Part of his creative process includes listening to his robust vinyl collection while he paints.

Through the use of texture and layering, along with bold and complementary color combinations, Wheeler exudes imaginative and energetic artworks which inspire a lighter, brighter world. Currently, Wheeler lives and works in South Florida where he serves as the Board President at Marco Island Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, as well as a member of the United Artists of Collier and the Bayshore Art District in Naples. ☐

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