Save by Zero

Sustainably Yours, Stephanie Dillon

Photography by Jeff Remas

Dillon’s artistry takes an uncharted route in the juxtaposition of her commentary, depicting the degradation of social unrest and environmental inhumanities. Between the brushstrokes of her canvas and penned disciplines, a contemplative ambiguity engages the viewer with a spatial simultaneity. The complexion of her work is palatable, both tender and depraved, averse, quietly vehement – deliciously riveting with exemplified messages of disillusionment through a vulnerable and observational lens. We get a bird’s eye view into the cavernous depths of Stephanie’s existential expressionism and activism arising at her own policies of truth. Dillon implies, “I do not view myself as a healer; art gives me the vehicle to heal from my experiences, desperate to be seen and heard.”


Music is an extension of her paintings. When asked about what artist or song she’s drawn to when painting, she mentions “Eminence Front,” THE WHO, “Slippery People,” TALKING HEADS, “Heroes,” DAVID BOWIE, “Stand or Fall,” THE FIXX, “Get the Balance,” DEPECHE MODE, “Please Read the Letter,” ALISON KRAUSS and ROBERT PLANT, and “Strawberry Letter 23” by THE BROTHERS JOHNSON to name a few.

At the root, Dillion’s passion project is Citizen-T, an apparel company she founded in ‘2020 which involves sourcing clothing and discarded items from landfills and then recycling them. Stephanie collaborates with other artists and the charitable organization: FASHION 4 DEVELOPMENT in her tireless pursuit to save the planet.
“As an artist, one way to be remembered is to become hyper-cognizant of what you’re leaving behind in terms of your words, in terms of your material things. So, art is one of those things that when I’m not here, my paintings still will be, as well as my writing. “It’s all or nothing; half-heartedness and in-betweens will not suffice, not when we’re out of time.” — Stephanie Dillon

Creative Direction: Kami Sloan

Models: Chelsea Wichmann , AJ Knapp

MUAH + body paint: Nikki Copeland

Lead Digital Artist: Daniel Enrique De Leon

Silhouette Photography: John Ciambrone

Graphic Design: Tim Ravenna

Lighting Assistant: Ken Carlson

Art collaborators: 

Jon Linton, & Linnea Maas

Swirls & Spatter



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