Sustainable Living is the New Fashion

We Don’t have time, Code Red for Humanity.

The VIP Sustainable Goals Banquet that took place at the Pierre hotel in cooperation with the United Nations Mission of Italy in October ‘2021 hosted by Evie Evangelou, President and Founder at Fashion 4 Development (F4D), sparked the global campaign “Sustainable Living is the New Fashion” with its focus on an end-to-end solution in building a circular economy and partnering with the world’s most significant social network on climate action, We Don’t Have Time (WDHT).

“It’s a fashionable lifestyle choice which was developed to communicate and excite people about the benefits and possibilities of sustainability. It is the way forward to a healthier you and a healthier world beginning with the lifestyle basics: Food and Fashion. Through your daily choices of what you eat and what you wear, you not only impact your life but others on the planet. Inspiring and motivating individuals to be Conscious Consumers, to develop Conscious Brands and to adopt Conscious Business Practices is the goal of the campaign,” sheds light Evangelou.

Citizen-T, founded by artist Stephanie Dillon made hand-painted jackets and recycled tees in collaboration with designer label, Burnett New York, inspired by the UN’S urgent commentary, “Code Red for Humanity to support the call in a race against the clock to create a “net-zero” environment that reduces, reuses, and recovers excessive streams of global consumption that converts to valuable material resources.

Dillon Says, “Seventy-three percent of clothing that’s bought is sent to landfills, whereas 95 percent of it could be used or recycled. Isn’t that staggering to you? Do you know how much we throw away? We have enough T-shirts for seven generations, and people should stop manufacturing them and use what we have. Artists could champion this cause; ethical abiding citizens could buy into it, and we could save the planet one t-shirt at a time.” “It was all business the day I met Evie. I’m happy to collaborate and foster her vision.”

Setting the bar, Evangelou created The World Collective – A global consumer goods industry platform that’s geared to provide a database of scalable innovations across the supply chain, along with educational support programs that help implement successful business operations with the investment for a resilient and regenerative future. It’s the first non-for-profit to unlock commitments scaling transformative actions towards the SDGs and link the Paris agreement to execute measures toward systemic change.

Jeanine Ballone, F4D’s Managing Director of Solutions and Lead at The World Collective, asseverates. “We need to ‘move the needle’ to create an ‘economy of collectives.”

Renowned for its annual First Ladies Luncheon on the opening day of UNGA since 2011, Fashion 4 Development (F4D) has celebrated and honored over 40 game changers on the global stage over the years in their efforts to advance, educate, develop, and fuel crucial programs for underserved communities around the world while highlighting leading and upcoming fashion designers. Leaders from philanthropy, fashion, entertainment, politics, and diplomacy, as well as private sector CEO’s that were honored in the past, have included: Madam Ban Soon-Taek, President Macron, Paul Polman, Natalia Vodianova, Diane Von Furstenberg, Victoria Beckham, Nobel Prize recipient Mohammad Yunus, HRH Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway, Charlize Theron, Franca Sozzani, Livia Firth, Beatrice Borromeo Casiraghi, Arianna Huffington, Annie Lennox, Nadja Swarovski, Tina Brown, Naomi Campbell, IMAN, Donna Karan, Caroline Scheufele, to name a few.

At the helm, Evie sets the standard to preserving culture, empowering women, and advancing social development and economic growth of communities worldwide with compassion and empathy. This is the real work of a humanitarian. ☐

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