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The Art of Reimagination T3 Technology

FATVillage is the location of an exciting and vibrant mixed-use project that’s being developed by Hines, in partnership with Urban Street Development. Due to the culmination of years that FATVillage has created a staple in the arts scene, the partnership has evolved to expand the 24-7 art-centric tech, food and creative environment. The synthesis of these components brings a new state-of-the-art experience to the FATVillage community including a creative office building built from timber known to the market as T3.

Under the leadership of Alan Kennedy, Managing Director of Hines, the global real estate investment, development, and management firm, and Fort Lauderdale-based Urban Street Development, the team plans to deliver a product that marinates the community’s artistic vitality with a new infrastructure to mature the city. “The recipe of FATVillage is to provide a personable space with a winning edge complexion,” says Alan Kennedy. “A place where you can “Eat like a Localand “Feast on Imagination” with the “Modern Masters of Art & Design.”

Creating value through innovative real estate strategies for over 65 years, Hines’ unparalleled expertise, operational skill set, and local market knowledge allow them to capitalize on opportunities with expediency.

Centered on the main street of (NW 1st Ave), there will be 900,000 square feet of curated uses including residential apartment units, office buildings, restaurants and bars, entertainment, art galleries and boutiques that embrace the site’s character. Large-scale art displays and public installations will create a place of immersive experiences that engage social interaction and facilitate a cohesive and collaborative working and living environment “where ideas and creativity can flourish.”

What differentiates this wonderful neighborhood from others is that it’s kept the “soul” of its identity at the heart of its core. The city’s warmth arouses wonderment and brings an air of mystery with a personal touch that provides a “sense of place” to work, live and play.

To empower a more sustainable and creative ecosystem, FATVillage is easily accessible downtown and the balance of the South Florida Region via the Brightline; I-95 via Sunrise and Broward Boulevards, the LauderTrail, and is a short walk to Las Olas.

Dedicated to crafting unique and responsive buildings and spaces that go beyond the standard office building experience, the T3 concept (Timber, Transit, and Technology) came from Hines’ recognition that in some markets, office tenants flock to older authentic brick-and-beam industrial buildings in emerging neighborhoods that are surrounded by amenities. Planning for the future while keeping an eye on the past, and using biophilia to mellifluously integrate the elements of nature into human habitation T3’s wooden structure and natural light promote the dialogue between the environment and the space with a keen eye for the contemporary.

The overarching mission for T3 buildings is to provide a superior work ambiance where tenants can recruit and retain the best talent through modern design and sustainability. To meet and appeal to the needs of each company’s and individual’s lifestyle and work styles, Hines has created a “mercantile feel” in a comfortable and highly adaptive framework that reinforces connections and promotes healthy collaboration. By exposing the beams, you not only have a space that feels light and airy, but you also see the opulence of its sacred sensibilities.

Certified by the Green Building Council, the T3 system is deeply ingrained in the structure of its techniques that advance progression with performance. Timber is sustainably sourced from managed forests in Europe or the Pacific Northwest to remove the effects of carbon dioxide from the environment. By lessening the carbon footprint, efficient and cleaner construction creates a flexible and configurable habitat that eliminates 1,500 tons of caustic emissions.

Dubbed the “revitalizers,” Fort Lauderdale’s prominent Urban Street Development team of South Florida contractor and real estate developer Alan Hooper and restaurateur and developer Tim Petrillo are renowned for creating communities with the “simplicity” of a metropolitan lifestyle that conforms to a unique experience. Together, they’ve had tremendous success with many real estate and restaurant ventures.

Rooted in their design disciplines, the ambitious project carries the property’s wholeness with the attention of customized detail that promotes a unified aesthetic and integrates the thoughts of their tenant’s pragmatic desires into an organic art form.

Hospitality-quality management provides creative programming incentives for tenants and customers of all mixed-use components. There will be 602 multi-family residential units  across two buildings, 340,00 square feet of creative office space in two T3 office buildings, approximately 1,300 parking spaces and art space amenities.

Founded by owner Doug McCraw in 2000, FATVillage has become Fort Lauderdale’s Creative Enclave. “This project conveys one of the most transformative in technology, dining, living, and art spaces that the city of Fort Lauderdale has ever experienced,” shares Doug.

FATVillage was developed with the premise that food, art, and technology could thrive in this collaborative environment. What was once a neglected 1950s warehouse district has not only made an indelible footprint on Fort Lauderdale’s downtown cultural explosion but rapidly has become one of the area’s most acclaimed hot spot South Florida destinations.

Along with the spur of economic growth and the Brightline railroad system, McCraw’s out-of-the-box think-tank of art leaders -Business and development partner Lutz Hofbauer and the curatorial team of ART + SPACE + LIGHT Leah Brown & Peter Symons are the innovators that attracted the vibrant demographic of millennials and savvy tastemakers to its doors.

A renascence of this vibrant community is underway that will celebrate the history of its origins and the flavor of its cool vibes with its accelerated focus on wellness, new artist studios, exhibition spaces and an outdoor plaza for new art activities.

FATVillage – An inspiring place where dreams come true. |

Images Courtesy of Hines

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