The Steelpointe Yacht & Charter Show

Imagine leaving your home with the intention of going to a boat show, where you anticipate the same boat show that you have been accustomed to attending for the past 50+ years, that features boats, beers and hot dogs. Then imagine for a moment, leaving your home and attending an unparalleled luxury lifestyle show where there is an abundance of gorgeous yachts, rare and vintage cars, helicopters, sea planes, live headlining music and beautiful art weaved throughout the fabric show.   Imagine entering this show and being greeted with a glass of wine or specialty cocktail and imagine being among a curated group of attendees that will spend the weekend enjoying these experiences…complimentary. If you choose to imagine the latter, then you would have been dreaming of the Steelpointe Yacht & Charter Show, in Bridgeport CT. Except – you would not be dreaming – you would have been attending one of the most bespoke luxury events in our country today.

Showpiece Shows, the creators and visionaries of this lifestyle show set out to create an event that would speak gently to all your guilty pleasures. This fresh take on the lifestyle event experience in a stunning venue appeals to enthusiasts and luxury-focused consumers along Long Island Sound and beyond. The show was designed with guests, sponsors and exhibitors in mind and set out to deliver a luxury show, in a gorgeous environment, conducive for networking and doing business all while having fun.

The Steelpointe Yacht & Charter Show is set to kick-off again this coming June 2021 over Father’s Day Weekend. A weekend that will forever be earmarked as the country’s most luxurious, invitation only, lifestyle event in the US. With luxury partners in every category, guests will have so many things to see and do throughout the 4-day show. Including a sneak peek inside the Sikorsky Airport in Bridgeport, CT where 250 invited guests will kick off the weekend on Wednesday, June 16th, at another level luxury event dubbed Wings, Wheels, & Water (and watches, and art, and so much more!) Invited guests will have the opportunity to explore private aviation in a new way.

As John Lennon sang, ‘Imagine all the people sharing’, which is and will always remain part of both the Steelpointe Yacht & Charter Show, as well as Wings, Wheels and Water at Sikorsky. Both shows will have a charitable component including silent and live auctions where the proceeds are given to several local charities focused on education, health, afterschool programs and the zoo.

If everything that we have shared so far does not get you to start counting down the days until summer and Father’s Day weekend, what if you were not only able to attend, but arrive by boat, helicopter or seaplane and while there you were also able to jump in the water and test out some water toys, like a Seabob, a Fliteboard, or even custom jet skis. It is true! The show was designed to allow exhibitors to showcase their products and allow for trials, including sea trials on the yachts.

Their unique variation on a luxury lifestyle event has the attention of not only the Northeast, but also several cities in the US and several countries outside the US, are actively courting Showpiece Shows to bring the lifestyle event to their city and country. It is not often that you get to experience an event that touches all your senses, like this event does. We can understand why other locations would want to have this style show at their locations.

You are probably wondering why we decided to incorporate John Lennon’s infamous ‘Imagine’ into this piece, it is because there is one more element that makes this show so special that we have yet to mention – the music! With live headlining acts from LA, Nashville, NY, GA, and FL, the music (which, by the way, is on a floating barge in the center of the show) is the bow that ties the show all together. And, while Lennon sang that he was a dreamer and he hoped he was not the only one, and that hoped that someday you’ll join him, he isn’t the only one to share these sentiments. The Showpiece Shows team is filled with dreamers and visionaries that strive to create
experiential events that may often be imitated but will never be duplicated. Like art, this lifestyle show is the expression of human creative skills and imagination, appreciated for its beauty, fun and the emotional power with one small exception, their canvas is a 47 acre urban marina development. ☐

Save the date for the Steelpointe Yacht & Charter Show from June 17th – 20th, 2021. An exclusive invite only event. For further inquiries about the show or to exhibit contact: [email protected]