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Adaptive Design Group’s Artistry & Illumination

It’s through lighting that we define colors, accentuate volume and apply critical applications that allow for shadowing, which identifies depth & form.

— Glenn MERLIN Johnson

For over thirty-five years, Glenn MERLIN Johnson is revered in the luxury custom home industry as the Pioneer of Artistic Lighting Design. Johnson’s well-versed processes coupling artistic lighting design with technical controls have been taught through his groundbreaking book “The Art of Illumination” in twenty-five colleges and universities. The book highlights Glenn’s ADAPTIVE Method®, a process that focalizes on the intricate balance between aesthetics and function, utilizing multiple layers in the built environment.

The Merlin decree of intelligent, artistic lighting applications coupled with sophisticated dimming controls and scene-setting is not only sought out by owners wanting to elevate their living environment, but by architects, interior designers, and audio-video integrators alike.

Adaptive Design Group’s copacetic approach simplifies the complexity of systems to best serve today’s color range of LED lighting products and full-home integrated technologies made available in a manner that the end-user can decipher while emphasizing the beauty of the overall vision of the project.

Glenn convenes with VENÜ to discuss

Historically, the custom home “design process” is performed by two integral players, the Architect and the Interior Designer. Owners select these two seasoned and cohesive groups with the premise of achieving their new dream home or renovation. The unfortunate truth is that this team alone falters to provide the comprehensive capabilities of sophisticated new technologies. These include LED lighting products, their artistic and technical applications of dimming controls, not to mention the adept engineering of electronics and power requirements needed for all of today’s home systems.

Owners are not aware of the initial juncture at the homes design phase that their artistic lighting and technical needs are not being met. The “out-of-date” process shows generic lighting, minimal specifications, no controls, or electronics that leave gaping holes in budgets that contribute to latter project delays with costly additional design and engineering fees. The aftermaths result in a relentless resistance between the owners, the design, and build teams.

“Swimming upstream is not the way to success for any venture.”

— Glenn Merlin Johnson

Glenn expounds, “Our experience has shown that communication to the owner about the complete “Modern Design Team” must start with the initial contact person, the architect, and corroborated by the interior designer. With the addition of the architectural lighting and technical design, the team is complete with budgets set per the owner’s wishes, and plans are thoroughly coordinated, approved and released to the build team.”Glenn Merlin Johnson’s Adaptive Design Group is the accomplished responsive solution to perform the tasks.

Jeffrey Maynard, Principal of Maynard Design + Interiors conjectures, “It takes creative minds willing to join their sensibilities together to raise a project to a stratospheric level. The sooner “The Design Team” commences, the level of sophisticated tailoring and integration amplitudes the design intention. Working with Glenn Merlin & ADG allows me the freedom to truly develop every last detail before ground is broken, taking the complexity of a well-thought-out space and making it appear effortless.

Understanding the Architecture and the way natural light will play a role in a home is crucial. We’re able to transform corporeal sensations that set a mood, and the ability to recreate these feelings after the sun has set.

The most requested component by residential clients recently is how to illuminate a space without seeing the sources with the level of high-end design such as the foyer of an Aman Resort or a well-appointed Michelin starred restaurant.  Glenn refers to this as a critical application “behind the walls.”  The milieu of ADG’s craftsmanship dialogues into my interior architectural balance that creates a simplistic elegance.” Maynard.design

The “MODERN DESIGN“ team of today is setting the new industry standard by working autonomously. Adaptive Design Group has been at the helm developing this new crew member by materializing a fully coordinated set of biddable and buildable working plans to the builder and his subcontractors.

Carlos A. Martin, Principal at Carlos Martin Architects, Inc., expresses, “In constructing a home today throughout our coastal regions, it’s important to have functional environments that withstand climatic related stresses.”

“The value-added approach in having a Lighting Designer at the beginning of a project is of critical importance to reinforce the client’s wishes. Every client has different tastes, lifestyle habits, and certain criteria that need to be met, especially when they are coming from another region of the country. We, the design team, place a large emphasis and keep the client’s perspective in mind in the build of their ‘DREAM HOME’ with ‘One-of-A-Kind-Architecture.’ As if the environment isn’t challenging enough, it may come down to a choice of a single fixture to create the artistic solution to comply with the local codes and governance.

The coordination of exemplifying newly available products that are currently evolving in the market to include lighting sources, power, sensors, audio, security, cooling, and heating controls, to mention a few, bring a smooth transition and integration of the layers into a high-end project of this magnitude.”

Adaptive Design Group is a seasoned practice that understands the dilemmas of the construction from inception of a project to the end, no matter how small or big the task. Not every company has Glenn’s artistry of illumination, the spectrum of understanding technology with the skilled facilitation of the mechanical components into the engineering process, and, most importantly, the function of these to complete the desired aesthetic.

“Without proper lighting, a magnificent project could end up in disaster. Above all, artistic lighting design becomes the masterpiece for interiors and exterior architectural design that represents and nourishes the lifestyle of the client and promenades their social status from car collections to proper lighting elements of their wardrobe. Artistic Lighting creates another layer above and beyond all expectations.”

Samuel Naierman, Founder & Engineering Manager at Maxicon divulges, “Projects that have a very well-defined lighting design package including lighting layer design; fixture specifications, positioning, fixture loops, circuits, fixture definitions, dimming requirements, and control addresses of keypad locations ensure that programming installation of commissioning lighting systems goes smoothly.

This is why we not only partner seamlessly with lighting design firms such as Adaptive Design Group, but also offer in-house lighting and control design for customers who are not aware of the fact that it’s a key design element for their new house or remodel.

The process is an indispensable asset for all we do. Workflows, checklists, and well-defined operations are an essential factor that can determine if a project will ultimately be successful. Adaptive Design Group is a pioneer in this area. Their exceptional and succinct work encompasses all the factors that make a Lighting design all it needs to be and more. As with all construction projects, informed communication is required. The more information we have on the onset, the better.” Maxiconusa.com

 ADAPTIVE DESIGN GROUP is the cornerstone to ensuring all aspects of “THE MODERN DESIGN TEAM.” 

The Merlin Light® is the only specialized lighting fixture designed with the precision to frame light within the confines of the selected artwork and/or sculpture.
Any other lighting source for fine art would be a compromise.

For more information about Adaptive Design Group’s full range of services, go to Adaptivedg.com.

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