Playa Rosé

Wine Importer Sandra Guibord Partner with Sibel Kutman Oral and the Legendary Doluca Winery

Introducing Premium Turkish Rosé to the U.S.

Join us to raising a toast to Sandra Guibord, New York-based sommelier, CEO and founder of Sandra’s Wine Life, on her partnership with Sibel Kutman Oral, a vintner and third-generation owner of the legendary Doluca Winery in Turkey, and the launching of their first rosé in the U.S.

Playa Rosé is Sandra Guibord and Sibel Kutman Oral’s first collaboration, a wine whose name is inspired by Sibel’s Puerto Rican heritage. This wine is created by blending ancient Turkish varietals that are indigenous to some of the oldest vines in Turkey and the Mediterranean. This festive wine offers a lighter and more fruity taste than the vineyard’s traditional premium and entry level rosés.

Sibel Kutman Oral is the head of marketing of the 90-year-old vineyard that is still a family-run business. Feeling inspired to continue the family’s pioneering legacy, Sibel’s direction led the vineyard to becoming a market leader in its category, with a renewed, corporate identity.

“When acclaimed wine writer and lover Sandra came to visit Doluca Winery to discover Turkish wines and varietals, we hit it off right away. After touring the winery, we began our tasting, and as soon as the sexy magnum bottle of Playa was served and deliciously pleased us both in body and soul; we began dreaming about launching DLC Playa in the States,” Sibel Kutman Oral says.

Sandra Guibord is a wine importer and a CEO and founder of a multi-media wine education platform. She hosts wine seminars for large global corporations, and she helps people from senior executives to everyday admirers select wines for life events and building private collections.

“From my travels throughout Turkey, I became so impressed by their deep dedication to their culture and history and how it is represented in their food, their designs, and their wines. After touring Doluca vineyards and meeting Sibel, we sat at lunch, and she shared this bottle of Playa Rosé with me. I had an overwhelming feeling of ‘kismet,’ and I knew that this was the perfect wine to introduce to American wine enthusiasts; the perfect sip of Turkish culture,” Sandra Guibord says.

Playa Rosé launched in Miami in May and will be available nationwide in the spring of 2023.

“When two passionate and determined women set their minds to achieve a goal, no ocean could stand in their way, and so yes here we are, in less than a year, blushing with excitement as our Playa flamingos landed in Miami,” Sibel Kutman Oral says.

About Sandra Guibord, Sandra’s Wine Life

Sandra Guibord, CEO and Founder of Sandra’s Wine Life has over two decades of entertainment business. A former Wilhelmina model and actress, including soap operas, network television series, films and corporate spokesperson roles, Sandra is now a preeminent guide within the wine and spirits community.

Sandra assists top corporations, legal firms, and nonprofits with entertaining their top clientele and senior executives. Utilizing her hands-on learning gained through travel to wine regions worldwide, Sandra Guibord has made the often-vexing world of wine enjoyable through her fun, festive and informative approach that has been well received by wine enthusiasts from novices to connoisseurs. She offers practical wine advice for casual events (virtual and in-person), business dinners, romantic dates, and building custom wine collections.

Sandra launched her first book titled ‘Find Your Wine Identity’ in the Spring of 2022.

Learn more about Sandra’s Wine Life at

About Sibel Kutman Oral:

Born in Istanbul, Sibel was raised in a multicultural home with her Turkish father and Puerto Rican mother, adding unique styles, flavors, and flare to her upbringing. Sibel studied abroad at Wesleyan University in the U.S. where she pursued her dreams as a professional dancer in New York City at Leslie Partridge and Dancers and Avila Weeks Dance Corporation. After her professional dance career, Sibel’s strong love for her country and family brought her back to Turkey and into the family business of wine making.

She joined Doluca Winery as a third-generation family member, helping the winery grow into one of the most prestigious and top producing vineyards in Turkey. By creating and developing the marketing department, Sibel became an Executive Board member and oversees all commercial functions. She has built her life around her family and the business, becoming a successful pioneer in the Turkish wine-making industry.

Sibel created Playa Rosé in honor of her Puerto-Rican heritage from her mother. Having spent time on the beautiful beaches of her mother’s home country, it brought forth the idea of honoring this part of her heritage. Playa Rosé is much like Sibel; it is festive, fresh, and modern with deep roots in an ancient culture. Playa Rosé is made with the indigenous Turkish varietals of Kalecik Karasi and Çalkarasi.

Sibel and Doluca Winery are very proud and excited to share Playa Rosé and many other of their esteemed wines with the rest of the world. ☐

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