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Delving deep into the technical aspects of residential design, Jeffrey Maynard’s interior adaptations harmonize the integration between conceptual elements and custom characteristics that create a distinctive connection between the client and the property. His compositions sonata observational dimensions of light that harness the interpersonal relationship between the views of the exterior and interior landscapes, making MD + I the storytellers of a home’s timeless eloquence. Jeffery mentions, “We step into the ground to survey a project’s surroundings… to live and touch down on how natural light interplays with the environment and the gesture of its transitive perspective throughout the year.” This immersion allows Maynard to envisage a design that frames the conversation with a ballad of materiality, textures, light, and furnishings. “When looking for inspiration, it’s about looking into the arts, showing a client something they may have not seen before, and educating them on the sophistication of modern design in otherworldly applications. It’s our job to push the boundaries, tailor to their needs, and create magnificence.”

“The ultimate Interior Design team member is a firm that understands architectural detail, schematics, scale, and onsite coordination, not just a textile or furniture decorator that designs rooms. Jeffrey Maynard fills the expertise needed to bring an extraordinary living experience to life.”

Miami modernism sweeps the California coastline

In partnership with Maynard Design, the leaders of fine custom cabinetry bring the virtu of Italian-based craftsmanship to their first residential project on the Western shore. Senior Partners Andrea Subotovsky and Deborah Naierman at ItalKraft noted, “Jeffrey brought a design nuance filled with sublime details that we superbly integrated into our custom design aspects, and collaboratively we turned dreams into reality.”

“Our design approach was very client-driven. We took all the input from the client and created many different layouts, refining the approach into a single concept that became the genesis for its architecture. The house has bold, strong forms that have a great deal of three-dimensional interludes that play inside and out of the space, creating a juxtaposition of perpendicular details.”


Tom Ford meets the rat pack

“The spectacular site drove the design decisions to craft an architectural timepiece. The anomaly of the poorly-respected existing site is the exquisite unobstructed ocean views that hang off the edge of a cliff straight to the ocean beacon. Our approach to the design was to mirror the value of the panoramic view by adding layers to the exterior infrastructure, giving a larger appearance to a smaller property.”


Defined by masculine sensibilities, Maynard’s theatrical arrangement is a suave nod to the late 60s contemporary with a twist. There’s a moody, yet well-tailored aesthetic with tonal sensibilities of metallic slates, brass, bronze, dark browns, charcoal, russets, mahogany, sepia, gold’s and blacks that glissando with the instrumentation of light to create a progression of interior fluidity. The proficiency of materials is product driven to give a sleek edge. Jeffrey adds, “We are directly in contact with some of the world’s most influential present day artisans.”

Seeing how materials are breathtakingly designed into Jeffrey’s projects is the highest reward of our work.— Work that is nationwide and International. Through my experience with designers, Jeffrey Maynard is certainly one of the greatest visionaries we have ever worked with. My belief is that he will become one of the most influential designers of our time.”


James Bond la femme house

“Simply said, Jeffrey Maynard is a thrilling designer. His designs, material and furniture choices are ones of artistic genius. We are ecstatic to be a part of his process. His willingness to take bold chances with design details is a fabulous pairing with Moya Living. It was important to bring an indoor kitchen feel, with a bespoke outdoors quality.”


 In a home filled with a plethora of unique curves and details, Glenn Johnson’s knowledge of light play has allowed the project’s architecture to be shown in a way that very few could achieve. His adaptability and openness to collaborate with the design team and client make him an invaluable and ideal partner.


 A duality between his and hers, glamorous and iconic statements reflect the past and reference the future. There are no limitations to Jeffrey’s imagination. Inspired by the jet-setter lifestyle in accord with the progression of teleportation, each room transports you to another place in time. Automation comes alive in retro design.


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