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It may not surprise you to learn, after seeing his work, that Raúl Cordero grew up in Cuba. After all, Cuba is fertile ground for passionate souls, a storied Caribbean island where the irrepressible spirit of its people defines a culture steeped in riches of the heart. There, life is literally pave

By way of history, Joelino Miller describes his early introduction to creativity as that of a dancing enthusiast and later on as a self-taught musician. While a graduate student in clinical psychology, Joelino was introduced to the theory and practice of clinical procedures, but not the artistry of

This new exhibition in downtown White Plains foregrounds a more inclusive recounting of the past and present. Supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, participating artists explore how images and language (together and independently) shape our collective memory and mainstream narrat

I met Mike Boland by chance while I was attending a short film festival at a Norwalk, Connecticut theater I didn’t even know existed. The venue itself was a historic treasure, a turn-back-time movie house that stirred nostalgic memories of days long past, when dashing, mustached leading men won ba Music is the universal language” that crosses cultural and societal boundaries. The frequencies and vibrations it gives off not only unify us as a people but celebrate our humanity – our life – our core existence. Did you know that sound can be an elixir o

Photography by Jeff Remas Dillon’s artistry takes an uncharted route in the juxtaposition of her commentary, depicting the degradation of social unrest and environmental inhumanities. Between the brushstrokes of her canvas and penned disciplines, a contemplative ambiguity engages the viewer with a

By Cindy Clarke Paparazzo is an interesting Italian sounding word after all, which the dictionary suggests is rooted in the surname name of a character named Paparazzo in Federico Fellini’s 1960 film, La Dolce Vita. In the movie, Paparazzo is a news photographer who accompanies his bold tabloid jo

“Academics don’t necessarily define the outcome of an artist. Education is one thing, and art is another. What an artist can say or doesn’t say has nothing to do with the erudition of information. Art is about subjectivity.”   — Jesus Rojas Jesus Rojas defines the most authentic aspect o

Photography: Zspop EditingMale Grooming: Kendall Dempster Hints of his native Haiti announce themselves in artist Guy Stanley Philoche’s expressive use of color, blocked, bold and beckoning with a lifetime of emotions thoughtfully layered within. A glimpse of his Connecticut schooling – the begi



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