A century ago, Calistoga was a town centered around its bubbling natural hot springs and the beautiful weather of the Napa Valley. Today, it’s a bucket-list destination for ardent wine lovers, foodies and wellness seekers for its particularly enviable version of La Dolce Vita, Napa Style! Solage w

The last time I was in Savannah was a virtual drive-by stop en route to the airport for lunch with the sister of a friend I had just met in nearby Spring Island. I didn’t know anything about her sister – or the city – but I was game to say hello and enjoy a […]

By Judy Chapman ‘Biodiversity is our biosecurity’ —Paul Stamets Mushrooms have emerged to become one of the most unexpected remedies for treating modern-day diseases, mental health, and even our environment. Judy Chapman goes underground to explore the magic of mushrooms. Have you seen ‘Fant

A weekend in Newport, Rhode Island, heralds the promise of many things. Mansions doubling as magnificent windows into the life of the rich and famous in centuries past. Mega-yachts meticulously maintained and polished to perfection. Beaches beyond beautiful and beautiful people basking in a golden g

By Cindy Clarke A truly noble element, silver has made history for millennia, proving its mettle as one of the earth’s most precious metals – and very first antibiotic. Silver gave birth to wealthy empires around the globe beginning in China around 900 BC. Ancient Egyptians considered it magical

By Cindy Clarke Energy. It’s the vital force that pulsates through everything we know and are on Earth. It’s the feeling that vibrates through us when we interact with loved ones and strangers, when we swim in the ocean or walk barefoot along the beach. It’s in the food we eat, the air we brea



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