Shift to Smokeless

How the Nicotine Industry is Changing

Undoubtedly, cigarette smoking is an unhealthy habit. Fortunately, decades of research and innovation from the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries have shifted the market to favor smokeless products. Indeed, data from Research and Markets estimate that the global smoking cessation and nicotine de-addiction product market will reach $53.87 billion by 2030. Over the years, the industry has expanded to include various products that help cigarette and tobacco smokers quit smoking by using smoke-free alternatives.

At the same time, the general consumer mindset has also shifted, as highlighted in our previous post about the ‘2023 Global Wellness Trends’. Along with general concern for the environment and our impact, there’s also a focus on the art and science of motivating changes that can improve healthcare and wellness. Of course, one such healthy change comes in the form of quitting smoking. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the popular smokeless nicotine products available today:

Nicotine pouches

One of the relatively newer smokeless nicotine products today is the nicotine pouch. If you’re familiar with Swedish snus, nicotine pouches look like them but are 100% tobacco-free. They are sold in varying levels of nicotine strength and flavors to help reduce and eliminate tobacco use. Online retailer Prilla sells the On! nicotine pouches from Helix Innovations that come in nicotine strengths ranging from 2mg, 4mg, and 8mg, with flavors such as mint, wintergreen, citrus, and cinnamon.

Today, On! is one of the biggest nicotine pouch brands, boasting their ultra-compact mini-dry format that gives former smokers a discreet way to access nicotine, seemingly invisible under the lip and not prone to causing excessive drip. On top of being smokeless, nicotine pouches are also considered less risky than traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes or chew.

Nicotine gums

While nicotine pouches are considered new to the general public, nicotine gums have existed for nearly two decades. They are considered one of the first nicotine products to help smokers quit. Today, most nicotine gums are FDA-approved for helping reduce or cut cigarette smoking and controlling withdrawal symptoms. Still, despite how long they’ve been around, newer and smaller brands are still investing in and innovating the product to reach more people.

For example, nicotine gums from LUCY are among the company’s innovative modern oral nicotine products that contain non-tobacco nicotine. Aside from nicotine gum, LUCY also offers a line of capsule nicotine pouches. As of 2022, LUCY has submitted its Premarket Tobacco Product Applications to the FDA for marketing authorization of its products.

Nicotine patches

Finally, nicotine patches are an old-time classic in the smoking cessation industry. The first study of nicotine patches on humans dates back to the 1980s, followed by study results indicating that the patches effectively reduce cigarette cravings. Today, nicotine patches are also being studied for their use in relieving symptoms of postoperative pain, and treating early dementia and inattentiveness in patients with ADHD.

Like other nicotine products, nicotine patches are available in varying nicotine strength levels. Nicotine patches from NicoDerm CQ, for example, range from 7mg to 21mg depending on how many cigarettes a smoker smokes daily. If you’ve used nicotine patches and still have a lot of cravings, you may not be using a strong enough dose. Experts recommend combining the patch with other nicotine products, such as gums or pouches, to manage your cigarette cravings, but with so many smoking alternatives available today, consumers have a great, discreet way of managing their withdrawal symptoms while quitting to remain functional and in good moods throughout the cessation journey. 


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