Delphine Diallo

Visionary Artist Bridging Cultures and Championing Social Change in her new solo exhibition titled: Rhythm and Flow: Celebrating the Fluidity of Femineity

In the bustling heart of Manhattan, where skyscrapers touch the clouds, a serene oasis of artistic wonder awaits at 685 Third Avenue. It’s not just an address; it’s a portal to a world where the rhythmic dance of feminine grace takes center stage. Dive into the artistic world of Delphine Diallo, exploring women’s grace and motion while discovering a narrative that redefines portraiture, celebrating women. Engage in a visual dialogue that intertwines empowerment, rebirth, and natural beauty.
A Solo Exhibition by Delphine Diallo

From now through November, in the lobby of 685 Third Avenue, you’ll bear witness to a solo exhibition by the visionary artist, Delphine Diallo. Titled “Rhythm and Flow: Celebrating the Fluidity of Femininity,” this mesmerizing showcase invites you to step into a world where the boundaries of art are pushed to their limits.


Exhibition Highlights

Delve into Delphine Diallo’s artistic universe, where women’s grace and motion take center stage. Each photograph captures a narrative that redefines portraiture, celebrating the strength and beauty of women. Engage in a visual dialogue that intertwines themes of empowerment, rebirth, and natural beauty, inviting you to see the world through a new lens.

About the Artist

Delphine Diallo’s transformative work is a meditation on movement, a profound exploration of the divine within the female form. Curated by Nicole Ianniello, this exhibition focuses on dancer portraiture, enriched by candid moments from Diallo’s global travels. Diallo’s inspirations span the spectrum, from her martial arts practice to non-western literature, driven by deep research into spirituality and science. Her ethos is clear: “I intend to change the gaze in photography, create a new narrative to empower black women, and create experiences for consciousness to expand.”

Quantum Jump

Film Feature: “Soulscapes: The Artistic Journey of Delphine Diallo”

Directed by Nicole Ianniello and produced by DK Johnston, shot by Marissa Kaiser, and edited with music by Dorian Duvall, this captivating film takes you on an artistic voyage through the cities of Paris, New York, and Miami. Witness Diallo’s preparations, the harmonizing influence of Tai Chi, and an exploration of diverse spaces that fuel her boundless creativity. Dive deep into the rhythm and energy of Diallo’s world, a realm where art and life merge seamlessly.

Venue Insight

The masterfully redesigned lobby of 685 Third Avenue, curated by the architectural firm MdeAS, offers a sophisticated atmosphere in collaboration with BentallGreenOak’s property. This space is dedicated to fostering community and cultural enrichment, providing a perfect backdrop for Diallo’s exhibition. It is the second in a series of solo shows, each bringing a distinctive approach to engage with audiences, further enhancing the cultural tapestry of this iconic location.

The Partnership

An Unparalleled Opportunity through November, 2023

Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to experience the transformative power of art. Let the world of 685 Third Avenue captivate and change you forever. Step into Delphine Diallo’s realm and immerse yourself in the celebration of feminine essence.

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