Alligator Alert!

Union Square Unveils NYC Legend Art Installation

Public art piece by Swedish artist Alexander Klingspor pays tribute to New York City by portraying one of its most popular urban legends An urban myth came to life in Union Square Park, October 17th, with the unveiling of public art installation, “NYC Legend.” The bronze sculpture by Swedish artist Alexander Klingspor, in collaboration with Mollbrinks Gallery, features a life-sized alligator on the back of a manhole cover lid, drawing on the century-old myth of sewer alligators inhabiting the underbelly of New York City. The installation will be on display from October 2023 to June 2024. A reception followed later that evening at The Swedish Residence on Park Avenue to celebrate the unveiling of NYC Legend where Alexander told us more about his creation. We enjoyed light bites, drinks and live music by Aria Lisslö.