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guardDog Puts your Cyberhealth First

Photos by Brian Twede | Private residence by Adaptive Design Group

Over the last decade, the smart appliance has permeated throughout our culture and our homes to provide us with convenience, improve our well-being, and bring us all the comforts that our heart desires. The momentum of voice control & home automation, security, and remote & monitoring control devices has risen to such popularity that we can count up to a minimum of 37 comprehensive, interconnected IoT utilities, entertainment, and communication systems in a newly constructed custom home. With all of the high-tech development, expansion, insights, and discussions about how these advantages simplify our lives, no one talks about the unmonitored, unforeseen breaches and attacks that come along with it. Most of us only seem to care about connectivity, multitasking and watching our favorite streaming TV programs until the moment of impact arises.

” A home has always, and will always be the essential form of personal privacy. A place where you can let your guard down and recharge. I believe that the luxurious side of this privacy is constructing spaces that provide the essentials one is looking for while not needing to leave their home. Developing connectivity to the outdoors, and creating separation of work and home life during this new time of remote employment. That being said, I think it is important to find a way to disconnect work life and personal life within a single home. Having the mix of use in home now means that protecting your data now needs to become a much higher priority than it may have been previously. It is very important to bring this up to clients when developing new projects so that we can design the technology to fit around their desired lifestyle, as well as keep them and their information safe.”

— Jeffrey Maynard 

Contrary to popular belief, current technology for in-home appliance and electronic integration must come from an electronic architect to educate the consumer on the latest products, what’s best to stray away from, and engineer them to secure the homeowner’s safety and meet their needs.

Since most of the working population has been forced into a new norm of work-from-home, we’re engaged in a new uprising territory of data breaches that enter right through our front door. We’re “all” floundering and fumbling into cyberspace through the unknown and against an attack surface that’s been more significant in 2021 than any other time in history.

Unbeknownst to us, our unseen connectivity could be through a cybercriminal “Man in the Middle” ploy that could arise from your neighbor, a car parked outside of your house, or better yet, hidden intrusions that crop up in between the network and Wi-Fi devices in our home.

Glenn Merlin Johnson, President at Adaptive Design Group, reports, “We are living without law, privacy and protection against invisible cybercriminals who are extremely savvy in retrieving your personal information which can include bank and retirement accounts, social security numbers and medical records, to name a few. Under the radar and with a few keystrokes, they actively look for a pipeline that grants them easy access into your world.”

With science behind it all, ADG is an expert in applying all Wired technologies that are integrated “behind the walls” and all Wireless technologies that are in the air for all IoT devices to ensure a privately secured successful home. Wireless and “app” based systems are largely one-way plug, press, and pray systems at best that are prone to hackers and failures.

These are some of the most poignant questions that need to be asked to minimize risks and take proper measures in mitigating the attacks effectively.

  • What router is used at home and has it been updated with the latest upgrade?
  • How many wireless access points do you have in your house?
  • Who is your Internet Service Provider, and what protections do they have in place?
  • What computers are connected to your home network, wired and wireless?
  • What computer or computers do you use to access the Corporate VPN?
  • What computers are accessing the home-school environment?
  • Do you have access to the corporate server through your cell phone or tablet in and out of the home?
  • What gaming machines are utilized in the home – golf and ski simulators, VR, etc.?
  • What other Wi-Fi/IoT or connected devices do you have throughout the home? (Printers, webcams, doorbells, baby monitors, thermostats, TVs, smart appliances including refrigerators, fitness bikes and mirrors, Alexa and other Home Automation Systems, etc.)
  • How many apps do you have on your phone controlling your home devices, and what are they?

“2020 & 2021 has been a free-for-all breach fest in the home electronics market. Everyone has a cool APP that’s selling more content and product to the consumer than ever before.”

­— Glenn Merlin Johnson

ADG’s practice plays a significant role between the delicate balance of function and aesthetic coupled with today’s full home technologies. As the overlord of their engineered projects, they and their integration teams provide complete electric design; lighting, dimming system design and programming, secure full home network design and specifications, distributed audio design specifications, distributed video design specifications, security design, camera design, temperature control, access controls doors & gates design, and water leak detection & monitoring. There’s no longer a desired need for a vendor to drive product decisions or safety protocols, especially when the latest and most critical member of Adaptive’s Modern Design Team is guardDog.ai. No longer do you have to pray that your home is protected from these invisible outside influences; with guardDog.ai, you just plug and protect.

The guardDog.ai service is here and ready to be deployed. It will be working hard for you 24/7 to sniff out, expose the vulnerability, log activities system-wide and provide proactive protection against attacks from your secured home environment without collecting your data. Riding tall in the saddle with a cyber jurisdiction path, guardDog has armed teeth against automated cyber weaponry to jail the virus and cuff the villains trying to hurt our family, communities, country, and the world. All of this is done while we are snug in our beds, having our morning coffee, running errands, helping the kids with schoolwork, or writing orders for work. Relief is here and ready to go to work for you. Artificial Intelligence is the key component in keeping today’s cybercriminals at bay..

Now with ADG, you too can manage all your home devices with the flexibility you deserve while maximizing your home security. Sense the crime and drive them off your scent… Rethink your Cyber Wellness – The open lane of ethical connectivity awaits you. Nobody does it better when it comes to safeguarding your assets. Get the guardDog advantage and bring the serenity of home back into your lives. Spreading Cyberlove one home at a time!

For more information on the custom secure home, contact [email protected] 

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