The Flie

Premiere Collection of Stadium Approved Clear Handbags

The new accessories brand blends form and function, giving concertgoers stylish options that comply with the public safety “clear bag” policies at major venues across the United States.

THE FLIE announces the launch of its new line of stadium-approved, clear handbags that are as posh as they are practical. From sports tournaments to music and entertainment events, the entry to large-scale arenas is taxing. Indeed, tight security adds to the wait time and bars certain fashion and accessories.

Laura Baldini, CEO, and Founder of THE FLIE, aims to ease the process by offering a fashion-forward collection designed for concert and event-goers that is completely hassle-free.

“In 2013, the NFL established their clear bag policy to enhance the safety for all those attending games,” she says. “Since then, I have sought to find a bag that meets the regulations, but doesn’t sacrifice style.

Clearly, I didn’t find one and thus THE FLIE was born.”

THE FLIE’s inaugural collection flaunts three handbags created for those who value great style and the considered details that come with it. Whether it is the rose-gold studs on the Tailgate, the eye-catching chain on the Convertible Concert Clutch, or the sleek black leather piping on the Ticket Holder, every option imbues flair and elegance. Each is available in two colors: black and vachetta.

In addition, the entire line is designed to adhere to the standards and safety regulations of stadiums and other “clear bag” establishments, which often require ultra-clear materials in the construction of an accessory, and also meets the approved size requirements.

“THE FLIE was founded with a vision to celebrate the individuality and confidence that makes every woman beautiful,” Baldini says. “The clear bags I had seen were simply not doing the job! So, we set out to create a collection that simultaneously offered women luxury, convenience, style, and functionality. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.” ☐

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