Yamba Malawi’s Gala for Good

Celebrates Achievements and Impact in Ending Childhood Poverty

Photos by: Lanscine Janneh & Deonté Lee/BFA.com

Yamba Malawi, a nonprofit dedicated to ending childhood poverty in Southern Africa hosted the 17th annual Gala for Good on May 2, 2023. The event featured a live set by DJ Questlove which honored William and Olivia Scott Kamkwamba, Co-Directors of Moving Windmills, and brought together over 400 friends and supporters from various industries to celebrate Yamba Malawi’s impact.

Proceeds from the evening will help Yamba Malawi address childhood vulnerability through community-driven economic development. With further support, the organization aims to create a world where strong, self-reliant communities build brighter futures for children.

“Tonight, we unite to support Yamba Malawi’s fight against childhood poverty. Our holistic approach addresses the immediate needs of children while empowering their caregivers to earn and save money for long-term needs. We’re honored to share the stage with William and Dr. Olivia Scott Kamkwamba, who share our commitment to brighter futures for children. Together, we create lasting impact,” said Yamba Malawi Executive Director Gertrude Kabwazi.

Yamba Malawi recognized William and Olivia Scott Kamkwamba, Co-Directors of Moving Windmills, for their work in building community and empowering problem solvers.

“We’re honored by Yamba Malawi’s recognition, an inspiring organization that shares our values. Both Moving Windmills and Yamba Malawi prioritize empowerment alongside meeting immediate needs. Your support tonight amplifies the transformative impact we strive to achieve together, sparking powerful change. We’re deeply grateful for this award and our partnership with Yamba Malawi,” said Moving Windmills co-directors William and Olivia Scott Kamkwamba.

The Gala for Good highlighted Yamba Malawi’s achievements and impact on Malawi’s children with a dynamic program and installations showcasing success stories of participants, such as Seba Frackson, whose fish trading business now enables her to offer nourishing meals and education to her two children.


Notable Guests

Questlove, Her Excellency Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Malawi to the United Nations Dr. Agnes Chimbiri-Molande, Melissa Kushner and Jeremy Kaplan, Patrick and Julia Kandawire, Siya and Whitney Madikane, Seth Herzog, Gertrude Kabwazi, Kim McCall, Taryn Blank, Nathan Chiume, Abby Doft, Ryan Hill, Mark Lakin, Meryl Levin, Stephen Murray, Thandie Nyirenda, Jason Segal, Peter Twyman, Lisa Raden, Liz Vap, Jenna Arnold, Tanya Brown, Nelson Chu, Hilary and Mo Koyfman, Kirk Haldeman, Kathleen Rommel, Jeff Schnabolk, Brandon Trentham, Kelly Bensimon, Tom Silverman, Donna D’Cruz, Dorinda Medley, Young Paris, Vin Rock, Jesse Frohman, Nikki Kynard, Alyssa Shelasky, Aku Orraca Tetteh, Alex and Keytt Lundqvist, Bob Gruen, Gustaf Demarchelier and Tracy Yorks, Gabriel Stone Shayer, George Wayne, Peter Davis, Ed Scheetz and Cristina Civetta, Andrea Kerzner, Greg Calejo, Indira Cesarine, Lindsey Sagrera, Sebastien Lefavre, Josh Beckerman, Jacqui Gifford, Tatijana Shoan, Wendy Diamond, Lo’renzo Hill-White, Asenso Ampim, Sarkodie Ampim, David Beame, and Sumako and Duncan Quinn.


About Yamba Malawi

Yamba Malawi is dedicated to transforming children’s lives by empowering communities to break the cycle of poverty. Established in 2006 by Melissa Kushner, the organization envisions a world where robust, self-reliant communities create brighter futures for children. Yamba Malawi’s holistic approach focuses on childhood well-being, financial inclusion, and entrepreneurship, empowering caregivers to launch sustainable businesses, overcome extreme poverty, and improve children’s food security, health, education, protection, and living conditions.

Malawi, the world’s poorest peaceful country, sees 70% of its population living on less than $2.15 a day, putting millions of children at risk. Yamba Malawi is working to change this reality in collaboration with community partners. Their comprehensive programs address children’s immediate needs while empowering communities to break the poverty cycle and create protective, nurturing environments that offer children greater opportunities and brighter futures. Yamba Malawi is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with offices across central and southern Malawi and in New York, USA. For more information, visit www.yambamalawi.org.


About Moving Windmills Project

Moving Windmills Project is a 501(c)3 incorporated in 2008 to build community and empower problem solvers. Moving Windmills works with local leaders to determine, organize, and implement appropriate solutions that build community and solve pressing problems. Moving Windmills transforms learning environment, grows mentorship pathways, deepens community connections, and cultivates collaborations in Kasungu, Malawi. Learn more at www.movingwindmills.org. ☐

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