Vue Shield

Facing The Future

“Making sustainability more desirable”

— Joe Doucet

Driven by human compassion, the critical importance for personal protection, and design, the Vue Shield has become the industry’s pinnacle of fashionable facial prevention.

Quoted by Forbes as “A Living Blueprint for the 21st Century Designer”, Joe Doucet was adamant about his responsibility to create a solution oriented product that would address the emergence of COVID 19 and the new lifestyle norm.

Having a multi-disciplinary practice of my own that uses design as a tool to create opportunities, shares Joe, there was a comprehensible yearning within me, and a “moral fiber” to be on the front lines of this societal challenge to help procure the safety of others.”

Looking into service industries where a shield was worn as a second skin and part of daily routines, Doucet noticed that most of the safeguards were not only cumbersome and bulky but incredibly fragile from environmental degradation and normal wear and tear. The real question, as Joe describes, “Is, how are you able to have people adapt to a behavior that is utterly alien to them and design a product based around a theory of contemporary utilitarianism? With a creation born out of necessity, there was no room for elitism to ensure mass availability.

The perspicacity of fusing sunglasses practicality with its dome shape stability and enhancing it with technological features of UVA, UVB, SPF 50 blue light block, and anti-fog protection is what has made VUE SHIELD an indelible commodity.

CEO of JR PROS, Rosy Muto, conjectures, “To create an image, you have to be seen. The new luxury by today’s standard is communication. Style is a smile you can see. My view is Vue Shield.” See the latest designs for men and women.

VUE SHIELD – “Changing the face on how we see the world.” ☐

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